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Residential Garage Door Openers

Our experienced team loves the install process because this is when we see our customer’s vision come to life.

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What's the point if it can't open?

It must be functional!

But what happens when your garage system doesn’t open? Call Door Gorilla! Our team of experts excels at garage door opener repairs and maintenance.

Whether you have a belt or chain drive, our goal is to quickly address the issue to ensure powerful performance and automatic reliability. 

Residential Opener


Garage door openers that use an operator rail turn a chain or belt. This piece connects to a trolley, which is also called a carriage. The trolley pulls the opener arm to lift the garage door, and pushes the arm to close the door. A piece of rope typically hangs down from the trolley. This is used to disengage and reengage the opener.

When the opener is disengaged, pressing the wall button or the button on your remote will run the opener and turn the belt or chain. It will not, however, open or closed your door.


Hoist style operators include a floor level chain hoist to ease manual operation in an emergency or power outage. The operators are typically mounted to the wall when used with larger sectional overhead doors with vertical or high lift and mounted to the wall or the front of the hood when used with rolling doors and grilles. H operators are attached to the door jackshaft to indirectly drive the door.

Garage Door Openers

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